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Bausch Health Virtual Reality experience


Education has many faces.

See the history of a pioneering project that has become the basic work tool for medical representatives of big pharmaceutical company throughout Poland.

Bausch Health Companies Inc. is a multinational specialty pharmaceutical company. It produces a broad range of pharmaceutical products including drugs used in dermatology.

When Bausch’s representatives approached us with a request to prepare a VR application supporting the sale of their product, we knew that apart from an attractive and modern form, it must also be accurate in the teaching layer to effectively promote their ointment for AD – a disease which symptoms are characterized by various lesions on the skin.

Our CGI Studio mapped the surface and texture of the skin with medical accuracy to realistically reproduce the different stages of the disease.

Thanks to VR technology, the program allows you to view the generated image from a close perspective and carefully look around the surroundings. The scenario, the way the medicine was shown and how it works was agreed with our client; we also took care of sound effects and lector.

The application from today supports the daily work of our medical representatives ...

… in building awareness of a new drug among dermatologists. It is an innovative solution that emphasizes the effectiveness of modern therapy, and at the same time guarantees high memory, which we most wanted – says Agata Nowak, Product Manager Bausch Health.

We’ve optimized Bausch VR for Oculus Go glasses – it’s an autonomous virtual reality headset. Portable, easy to use, they do not need additional equipment to operate, and at a great price – this is certainly not our last project using this equipment.

Photos: Oculus Go website.

We recommend the agency to everyone, even the most demanding.

Passion, creativity, wide range of ideas and reliability is what characterizes people who make up Workroom Group. Our cooperation was exemplary from the very beginning. All designs and concepts were delivered on time. We trusted the agency due to its high professionalism and creative approach to the client.

Danuta Madejska-Wróbel, Marketing Manager Bausch Health