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See it with your own eyes! In cooperation with the UMCS Institute of History, we have prepared a voiced application with lector, that lets you face Józef Piłsudski - in virtual reality. We have prepared the model and realistically mapped not only the Marshal himself, but also his office and personal items.

We approached the figure of the Marshal with respect. Mapping facial features was a demanding task, but the effect rewarded everything.

We care about details. Feel the atmosphere of the 1920s. by looking around Józef Piłsudski’s cabinet.

The equipment for the cabinet was created basing on archival photos of the real space in which the Marshal was staying. Attention to detail guided us at every stage.

Source: National Digital Archives

We have also reproduced Piłsudski’s personal items. We created their 3D models, so you can see the marshal’s mace, orders or gun with your own eyes.

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