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See the painting
by Jan Matejko
in completely new shape!

Discover secrets of the painting in 3D

"Unia Lubelska" is considered one of the greatest works of Jan Matejko. The picture can be viewed in the Lublin Museum, and thanks to our application - also in 3D and with sound!

Explore secrets of the painting, delving into its details. Thanks to the unique 3D form, getting to know the details of the painting is even more fascinating.

Thanks to the app, you will know exactly who Matejko painted. You will find out what their functions, positions were and also … why some of them do not belong to the picture, because in fact, they were not present there!

All geopolitical complexities will be explained in a very simple and transparent way by interactive 3D maps.

“Unia Lubelska” is, apart from the visual experience, also a unique listening peace. The image was sounded by us. Feel that special, stormy evening even more.

Particularly for the needs of the application, we designed and rendered a seal, breaking which will take you to the unique 16th-century world.

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