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Historical atlas as never seen before!

"Trails of Independent Poland 1914–1922" is an interactive journey through historical maps. It is a multimedia presentation of the past, which is going to be a valuable didactic aid in learning about history. App available for download from App Store and Google Play

Interactive lessons with a lector

Following the “Trails of Independent Poland 1914–1922”, history enthusiasts will traverse five routes. Each of them is one interactive history lesson told by a teacher. All lessons are enriched with digital maps, multimedia, photos and source documents hidden in 78 time capsules in various places on the map.

30 interactive historical maps

We designed maps illustrating the fight that Poles fought in 1914–1922 to regain independence, mark Poland’s borders and defend it after 123 years.

All events are presented in a dynamic space-time perspective. Thanks to such a multimedia presentation, the story becomes even more exciting!

79 time capsules

Over 300 unique photographs and documents, locked in time capsules. Rich collection of archives, that wait to be explored

Historical quizzes

There is a quiz at the end of each of the five independence routes. With it you can immediately see if a multimedia trip to the past was just entertainment or also a real history lesson.

Battle of Warsaw 3D animation

Thanks to our 3D animation, we revived the climactic moment of the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920. Following the “Trails of Independent Poland 1914–1922” you can see an animated reconstruction of the Battle of Warsaw.

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Cooperation with the Institute of History of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

We have prepared the Interactive Historical Atlas “On the Trails of Independent Poland 1914–1922” together with the team of the UMCS Institute of History in Lublin under the scientific direction of prof. Jan Pomorski. The project was created in 2018–2019 thanks to funds from the ‘Trails of Independent Poland’ Program of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

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Handbook for teachers

Our app is also assisted with professional instruction – the Institute has prepared a handbook for teachers, which will help them in developing teaching methodology using the application.

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Battle of Warsaw 1920

Battle of Warsaw - miracle at the Vistula in 3D