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ConnectedVR platform will connect the real and digital world

By workroom

ConnectedVR is a platform that enables collaboration of many persons in a personalized virtual reality environment. ConnectedVR users can track, analyze and work on data provided from external sources on an ongoing basis thanks to 5G technology. It is a combination of a digital twin with a place to work.

We focus on four areas of using the platform, says Andrzej Horoch, president of Workroom Group. These are: digital twin, data visualization, communication and collaboration, as well as management and analytics. We provide VR content in the real context of everyday work environment.

Why 5G?
5G networks today will enable unprecedented speed and reliability of data transmission , says Krzysztof Jasiński, Head of Technology at ConnectedVR. Online data acquisition and transfer no longer requires cable or wifi networks. Thanks to this, we can instantly receive information from anywhere, without worrying about the delay and timeliness of information or the size of the data packet. All solutions in the field of Internet of Things and VR will benefit from this communication freedom. Mobile applications no longer need to be limited by the need to download large amounts of data and complex technologies can be used anywhere without advanced network infrastructure. In the future, fast, delay-free transmission will allow you to provide high-quality virtual reality experience without cables, anywhere, for many users at once.

Why S5?
We chose S5 – the first acceleration program in Poland that tests solutions based on 5G technology in industry, reveals Andrzej Horoch. The S5 program means possibilities, and possibilities are created by people. Credibility is very important here.

Joining the 5G Technology Accelerator is a chance for us to cooperate with the Łódź Special Economic Zone and learn about the potential of the new technologies market in Łódź. The first weeks showed us that we can count on the invaluable support of the S5 team and real interest in virtual reality, especially its capabilities for industry 4.0 – sums up Jagna Pomorska, President of ConnectedVR.

The ConnectedVR solution is dedicated to industry, production, engineering, automotive, medicine, real estate, education.