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“INSPI YOUR LIFE!” WORKROOM creates the InspiRentals brand. 

By workroom

Golub GetHouse is a development and investment company with over 55 years of experience on the US and European real estate markets. Currently, it is implementing an investment in Warsaw, Mennica Legacy Tower where a record area was rented by mBank as well as the largest coworking provider, WeWork.

“Private Rented Sector”  – buildings where a flat can only be rented and not bought. These are studios, small apartments and extended common areas.

Inspirentals is a brand which portfolio includes private rented sector investments – GolubGethouse. Among others, there is a luxury apartment building in the centre of Warsaw and a building complex in Mokotowo. Inspirentals is an idea of space connecting the community. Its residents are offered unique benefits and services as part of the “all-in price” model.

WORKROOM Group is responsible for comprehensive branding, name, visual identity and tone of voice.