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Educational campaign
in 3D world

Educational campaign
in 3D world

Niestraszki is a brand hero of the PZU group. In an engaging way, they provide children with knowledge about safety, health, nutrition, but also emotions and how to deal with them.

Our task was to revive the cartoon characters by transferring them to the 3D world. Knowledge essential for the safety of children was to be conveyed in an accessible and interactive way.


To revive the characters, we used motion capture – a technology in which all animations from companies such as Disney or Pixar are created. It allowed for a fairly accurate reproduction of the actor’s head movements and facial expressions.

3D models

Based on the drawings and graphics provided by the client, our 3D studio created exact models of Niestraszek characters. The transfer of drawing characters to the 3D environment is a faster and flexible process of creating visualizations, graphics, including for Internet activity, print or virtual reality (VR) technology.

3D models rig

In order to “revive” the models, they had to be rigged – that is, to give the characters a virtual skeleton with which it was possible to control gestures and facial expressions.

2D & 3D graphics

The fairy-tale and cartoon world presented in Niestraszki inspired us to combine 3D and 2D techniques. In addition to the animated animations, we have also prepared auxiliary teaching materials.

Zuzka Wiruska on

Our first movie with the character of Zuzka Wiruska can be seen on the main PZU website

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