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The World at Hand in an App – it is an article in Eurobuild Central and Eastern Europe latest edition dedicated to innovative communication channels with tenants. "WORKROOM group created an application for Mennica Legacy Tower which is to be constructed. This new tool facilitates investment space lease. 3D floor plans allow tenants to verify their thoughts and requirements which appear with selection or arrangement of office space at the earliest stage," says Pawel Klosinski, Leasing Director at Golub GetHouse. The mobile app includes crucial building data, virtual model, panoramic view of common areas and facilities available in the object. All the solutions have been conceived the way they can be presented with VR goggles, mobile application with phones and tablets and also on a large format 80 inch display located in the investment dedicated showroom. WORKROOM group also created for the investor and developer of Mennica Legacy Tower, Golub GetHouse, yet another application – Mennica Legacy Tower 360°. These are virtual panoramas with a guide using Google Cardboard. As the company explains, it is the first in Poland combination of virtual reality with virtual sound which, additionally, has been made publicly available in the application for real estate market."

full article in Polish version is available here

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