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By workroom

"Virtual trends in housing sector" This is the title of a publication included in the “Developer of the year” report found in the February 2017 issues of "Gazeta Finansowa" and "Home&Market".

"2016 was a breakthrough year for VR technology. It was last year when the popularity of this solution grew most dynamically. Even though it is mostly associated with computer games, virtual reality has found its place in numerous other fields. It is getting on very well on the real estate market. Nowadays developers are gradually more often looking for solutions that allow customers to feel as if they were actually visiting their future estate. Among them we can find e.g. VR headsets or multimedia tables. As projected by Deloitte, 2017 is going to be yet another important year for the technology. Most of us know the meaningful photo of Mark Zuckerberg walking across a conference room full of people where no one pays attention to him. That's because all conference participants are wearing Oculus Rift headsets. We can see more and more virtual reality stores in our cities, where you can use state-of-the-art devices and experience virtual reality. Not so long ago many people were still asking what the point of this technology is. Today it is coming into our life for good. And even though computer games are largely responsible for popularizing VR, new technologies are drawing attention also on other markets – in the housing sector among others. Technologies such as VR enable future tenants to view and take a walk around the apartment even before the purchase. This phenomenon has been developing on the real estate market for around three years." 

"We are currently exchanging traditional housing and office space plans with 3D presentations, which allow to sense the scale of the space offered – we can enter it using AR (augmented reality) or VR glasses, or view it on mobile devices or multimedia tables,” says Dariusz Stachowiak, Development Director at Warsaw-based agency Workroom Technologies."

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