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By workroom

An interview with Andrzej Horoch, CEO and Creative Director WORKROOM GROUP, for Kurier Lubelski. He demostrates how to reach virtual reality starting with dreams, relations and a creative agency. Enjoy the reading.

"How do you enter a virtual world?

You can use Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear glasses. In the latter example it is enough to have a mobile phone and virtual reality set but the technology is developing rapidly. Even now, while we're talking, we might not be aware of a new device being launched elsewhere. The next challenge is a human being entering and communicating a virtual world.

Who makes such a purchase?

For instance, construction companies. The cost is dependent on the enterprise. How vast a world you need to create. In the building business the demand is strongest because you will not buy an apartment you haven't seen. You ask 'What is the view from the 11th floor?' 'How much time my way to the underground is going to take?' I can invite a customer to the lift and walk to the underground, keeping an eye on the watch.

I don't say 'Imagine' but I do say 'Let's go and you'll see for yourself.' Usually people face difficulties when it comes to visualizing things. Now you can see what it all looks like. Virtual Reality, regardless of the quality of graphics, perfectly manipulates the brain with the feeling of spaciousness and volume. No map, no photograph can deliver this. But that is not all. In the future I will be able to learn your needs, so I'll invite you to the world and show you only what you like. I hope that in a year I will have a biometric tool for research, thanks to which I will know your preferences before I let you into a virtual world."

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