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We have blended Excel with virtual reality. See what you gain! How to enter an apartment before it is built? It is possible thanks to the application of which Andrzej J. Horoch, CEO WORKROOM Group speaks exclusively for HouseMarket.pl

"Usually those who buy an apartment take their decision based on a few sketches, plans and sometimes visiting the location where the developer carries out the investment. What our company offers is the gate to a virtual world, showing what a window view is going to be and how we can move around the apartment," says Andrzej J. Horoch, CEO WORKROOM GROUP. "If a developer offers several options of the finishing you can view them instantly and compare. You receive the information about the price of each standard. You can test instantly one or another finishing. By selecting the covering, wall or floor colour in the real time you see the counter indicating prices of a selected variant," Andrzej J. Horoch adds. This way a developer knows what should be included in the contract and the client is aware of the choice and the price. One of the first clients using WORKROOM GROUP solutions was Atlas Estate company.

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