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Background of the COSMOPOLITAN apartment building campaign, the success of PRIME and the power of Mennica Legacy Tower innovation – you can read about all that in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review Poland. The examples brought by our clients show that even demanding tenants and business clients respond emotionally to certain values. Enough to mention is "The message reaching hearts" – article title by Andrzej Horoch, Creative Director WORKROOM Group.

"Companies operating on competitive markets for years have been trying to attract consumers' attention not only with unique product features, but with stories and emotions built around them. It appears that emotional approach is valid not only with reference to individual customers but also with demanding business clients. Examples of three Warsaw skyscrapers are the evidence of the fact that even in real estate development sector, where every building is special and unique, it is worth to strenghten the value proposal using emotions and new means of communication. In the article we demonstrate an example of Cosmopolitan apartment building whose unique shape and location were strenghtened with the cosmopolitan character of the place and its inhabitants. In the case of the PRIME office building, tenants were convinced not only with high quality of the structure but also with the strength of simplicity and durability. Mennica Legacy Tower, which is currently under construction, attracts tenants with the use of new technologies, mainly 3D virtual reality. Warsaw developers' actions demonstrate that even demanding business clients act emotionally to certain values which build a feeling of affiliation to something worth identifying with."

HBRP Magazine no 158, September 2016.

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