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By workroom

Polish Mennica Legacy Tower – a new Warsaw office skyscraper being developed by the partnership of Mennica Polska and Golub GetHouse, will show itself to tenants from an entirely different perspective. Starting October the project can be viewed via a mobile application using virtual reality and more. Developed by WORKROOM Group, the application – or more accurately its platform Xwalk which the above is based on – will allow a precise overview of a project whose construction hasn' t started yet. Users can check the building from many angles, looking at the offices from the outside or at the installations under the floor. They can follow traffic intensity in the vicinity, time needed to leave the office as well as to use the parking or reach the main street. Application developer will allow the bird eye view of the building (Air View function). All the above can be seen wearing virtual reality goggles Samsung Gear but also using other devices if only supported by Android and iOSX.

Full article in Polish available here

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