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By workroom

Golub GetHouse is a real estate investment and development company with over 55 years of experience on the United States and European real estate markets. In Poland, the company has completed office buildings such as Warsaw Financial Center, International Business Center, Warsaw Corporate Center, or recently PRIME Corporate Center – the head office of Raiffeisen Polbank. Currently, together with the Mint of Poland SA, Golub GetHouse carries out Mennica Legacy Tower complex, which will be built at the intersection of Prosta and Zelazna streets in Warsaw. 

After two years, we are expanding our cooperation with Golub Gethouse, thus starting marketing service for the Livinn project. This is a dormitory in Krakow, which will be located in the restored building of the former Telpod factory and adapted for the needs of modern, high-standard university accommodationsGolub GetHouse partner in the implementation of this project is CA Ventures International from Chicago, which specializes in the construction of dormitories in North and South America. 

WORKROOM Group is responsible for the development of marketing communication of the project, transferring the Livinn format to the Polish market, and adapting it to the realities of the market. Our agency is also responsible for the preparation of advertising materials within the framework of carried out marketing activities.