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New era
in real estate industry

Pioneering project that will forever change the way of presenting new investments. In cooperation with Skanska SA, we have created a virtual platform that, thanks to augmented reality, allows you to learn not only the technical details of a project, but above all to see the building body, 360 visualizations, plans - all without leaving the office thanks to HoloLens glasses.

Several people can participate in the presentation at the same time, everyone can view the building from their perspective and activate options that interest them.

The presenter, using a controller, controls the display of information, so that the presentation can turn into a real multimedia show.

The platform supports displaying visualizations 360, which means that the viewer is in the center and can fully experience the content presented to him.

As the first project, Skanska chose the Wave building in Gdańsk.
The platform, however, allows you to easily add further investments and can be used as the basic sales tool for the investor.