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How technology transforms ordinary sales into an emotional show explains Andrzej J. Horoch CEO WORKROOM Group.

"WORKROOM Group is responsible not only for creating the brand but an entire holistic strategy for particular investments. To do that, among others, it is necessary to create mobile applications available on a phone. Our technology is created among many pillars constituting a single unity. The first is to show the architecture of a building, to grasp an architect's intentions. The next pillar is to show the technology to demonstrate the functionality of the building – where the entrances are, how much time is required to get to the office, etc. Yet the most important is to present the final outlook of the office. The latest project carried out by WORKROOM is the office building being constructed in Warsaw by Golub GetHouse – Mennica Legacy Tower. The company also started cooperation with Skanska for which several projects are being carried out."

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Interview in Polish is available here

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