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 Andrzej Horoch for November issue of “Marketing w Praktyce”. The major advantage of presentations given in VR technology is the total control over what the customers are going to see. They can explore the incomplete building of the future icon of Warsaw, listening to a virtual radio broadcast. It only takes a minute to get to know everything and take a close look at the project from a perspective that is only available to some – it is truly impressive. 

Brand, just do it

"When they ask me which business can use VR most efficiently, I say: any business you can think of. But the condition is, you not only focus on how useful the product is potentially, but search for value in virtual events sponsorship. You don't necessarily need very lively imagination to understand how powerful a message can be when a brand offers an experience which everyone – absolutely everyone – wants to have. The brand will be able to create its own reality and invite the consumer to enter it. This is the door that stands open. It is very probable that slogans like “Just do it” by Nike or “Taste The Feeling” by Coca-Cola are about to become more meaningful. Advertising is going to be become virtual television – reality show, talk-show, drama, education, sports, news… Any place, any length, any time and likely with content that is not available in normal life. The perception of advertising as such and its purpose are going to change. The way recipients consume advertising and the way they use it is going to become the essence of its content and its expression, while brands are going to be the founders of emotions."


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