The beginning of everything


We have been creating reality for over a decade. The reality that leaves a unique image in the minds of consumers.

We are living in times when the definition of reality is changing at a rapid pace. There is much to be discovered. You may use all of its possibilities, but you need a vision.

And this is our beginning. A bold vision is the driver of everything. It brings to life the most fanciful ideas. It's our DNA. The desire to implement the vision in every possible scope. This drives the development of our group's competence. Searching for and improving pioneer solutions and exploring the uncertain ones. Because where everything is uncertain. Everything is also possible.

Over 20+ multidisciplinary professionals.

Our own in-house teams of creation, production, new technologies, and content work together undertaking complex and bold challenges. Unless an outside partner can do it better, we do it ourselves.


In our group, owners are also creators of projects and work directly with each client. For us, personal engagement and responsibility are the most important.

The story of the WORKROOM Group is a story of constant enthusiasm.

In 2007, a guy who wanted to become a rock star founded a design studio, without a portfolio or necessary experience. But he was hungry. Hungry for building something new every day. The joy of creating a vision. Inspiring others with it. And complete devotion to its implementation. 

From a local design studio to the innovative creative and technological company with a reputable group of clients such as PZU, Virgin Mobile, Skanska. Our ambition is continuous development and implementation of world-class projects.